ans mertens
experimental filmmaker and visual artist
living in Antwerp, Belgium

As I Walk At Leisure, 16mm B&W, unsynchronized sound, 10'41, 2018

“As I Walk At Leisure” is a film-composition of collected observations at Place de la Bourse in Brussels.
Structurally inducted by the 20’-shots a Bolex can film by winding the camera and searching for rhythmn in
motion and pauses of the people captured on black and white celluloid, “As I Walk At Leisure” relates to film
history and its city symphonies. Yet, todays presence of camera’s and mobile phones in the image emphasizes
the act of materialisation and documentation the filmmaker ‘performs’ by filming fleeting moments of
unspecatcular events and passtime on 16mm. Nevertheless, the performance of the filmmaker is hard to distinguish from the activities of the passenger encountered on the square - lingering and walking at leisure, aimlessly.

The music was composed by Peter Steckroth following a series of instructions.

Piano Music For As I Walk At Leisure by Peter Steckroth (Jochen Schmith)
With the support of Air Antwerp, Labo BXL, Noordbrabants Genootschap and Studio Start