ans mertens
experimental filmmaker and visual artist
living in Antwerp, Belgium

(With Elke van Buggenhout & Adriaan Severins , digital film, 11', 2022)

Morning session is an audiovisual improvisation between Pianist Elke van Buggenhout, sound artist Adriaan Severins and filmmaker Ans Mertens. The grand piano becomes the epicenter of this encounter between the artists and their audience. The camera becomes a metronome, exploring the reflective surface of the piano, guiding the audience along an audiovisual trip.

A film by Elke Van Buggenhout, Ans Mertens & Adriaan Severins

piano Elke van Buggenhout
image Ans Mertens
sound (live processing & post-production) Adriaan Severins
colors Thijs Paijmans

commissioned by SPCC
supported by SPCC, SLAK & LUCA School of Arts